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Dr Punithan Shan

FOUNDER of eVTEC.Academy and


Co-Founder of


Medical TALK SHOW HOST ASTRO's Vanakam Doctor

A Medical Doctor turned Entrepreneur found passion in understanding the entrepreneurial need of common people by assisting them to become successful entrepreneurs. 


With extensive industry knowledge and a wealth of experiences . He has built a global business and trained tens of thousands of people across the SEA region. Featured in Britishpedia’s Successful People in MALAYSIA .

Thru his compelling journey he developed the skills and "know-how" that can potentially propel business success. Unlike most traditional training methods that teach on a passive level, taking his training to the next level, providing tools that you can apply immediately for instant results.


Being medically trained, and served as a psychiatric medical officer , he have Coached and motivated thousands in their achievement of personal goals and objectives for choosing or changing careers, improving relationships, setting goals and determining priorities. 


Helped his students to pinpoint the challenges or obstacles that prevented them from successfully manoeuvring through a season in their life. 

Provided insight, suggestions, new ideas and action steps that aided them to more clearly make decisions and facilitate change.


Provided career/life coaching counselling for children, parents, teachers and families. 

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